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Perth Relocation Specialists
Taking the stress and frustration out of finding your new home!

Are you moving to Perth and looking for a rental property? Are you not able to attend the home openings to secure a rental property? Or do your working hours just not allow you to attend home opening? Perth Relocation Specialists is here to save the day! Let us ease your stress and take care of the rest…

Perth Relocation Specialists is a Perth based family business providing you with a unique personal service for corporate and private clients to all areas of Perth and the surrounding suburbs of Western Australia.

We offer you a personal, bespoke, affordable service to save you time and money. Our priority is to tailor our service precisely to your individual requirements.


  • " Dear Vicki, Thank you so much for all of your invaluable assistance in finding us a home to rent in Perth.  Moving interstate with young children & pets has enough challenges, so it was a relief to know we had someone we could trust to find us the right home. Always very quick with a response to any of my crazy questions which helped us make decisions for schools and areas to live. We really appreciate all of the hard work you put into making our application the best it could be and securing us a home we will enjoy living in, as we start our new life in Perth. Many thanks, Sophie and Marc and family. "
    Sophie and Marc
  • " When we decided to move to Perth we were somewhat petrified as we had heard of all the tails of how hard it was to get a rental property. The thought of trying to attend inspections, when we lived 2 hrs away and have a very young family was not something that seemed achievable or desirable. We then found Vicki! She gave us the assistance we needed, with not only attending open homes, but also explaining areas, schools, services, public transport. When we had found the “it” place, her advice and assistance in helping us with our application was invaluable, so much so that the real estate agent commented that it was partially because of our application that we landed our new home. We know that without Vicki the stress and strain that we would of been under would of made this new chapter of our life more difficult then it needed be. We are so grateful to Vicki."
    Tracey and Tim
  • Vicki from Perth Relocation Specialists made our move from the East Coast to Perth so much easier. Faced with the daunting and expensive task of arriving in Perth and staying in short term accommodation while looking for a property and working, we engaged Vicki to source property, attend open homes and submit applications on our behalf. Vicki was fantastic doing all the leg work for us and securing a great property that ticked all the boxes before we even arrived. Vicki has been friendly and unbelievably professional and very effective throughout, and has totally taken the stress out of moving. Engaging Perth Relocation Specialists not only reduced moving stress, but also came out cheaper than staying in short term accommodation, and as an added bonus we had our belongings delivered to the new house ready to unpack before we arrived thanks to Vicki’s amazing and unqiue service! Thanks Vicki.
    James and Arwen
  • " I am from Papua New Guinea and would like to say thank you Vicki, for a very brilliant job you have done, for my wife, children and me. If it wasn't for you, I'd be still struggling trying to get a home for my family. I have been trying to look for a house for two solid months and at the same time trying to commit myself to my work, but it just didn't work. Time was not on my side. I don't need to serve two gods, rather have to leave it to the right person and guess what..... I find Vicki Hutter, the Relocation Specialist, she went straight into what she does best and before I knew it, she had secured a property for me in just seven working days, provided you have all your documents. That is the greatest achievement a person has done for me. Thank you Vicki. The pain of going to property inspections, submitting applications and being rejected/unsuccessful is over, I am now breathing well and focused on my job! "
  • "Perth Relocation Specialists secured a rental property for Olsson Fire & Risk Pty Ltd within two weeks for one of my employees transferring from Melbourne. Once we had given Vicki the criteria and ID, she worked seamlessly, sending property information, reports and photos of the potential properties she had viewed on our behalf. Once we had made a decision on a property Vicki worked hard in securing the property with the rental agent. Vicki was very professional throughout and understood the demands of the Perth  rental market. Her knowledge and expertise was second to none and I would recommend her to anyone. It certainly took the pressure of my employee in securing a rental property. You would be mad not to employ this service and at a very reasonable rate to!
    Olsson Fire & Risk Consulting Engineers
  • " Without Vicki I think we'd still be sitting at home in Ireland. We are here now just over two weeks and Vicki's help has been invaluable. We moved our family across knowing nobody and not knowing where to base ourselves but Vicki set us on the right track. From the first email she followed our wants and needs and was so on the ball with the ruthless house rental market that we had our home within days. Her emails came fast and quick with updates of upcoming places. She was so knowledgeable about the areas we were interested in and advised us in the best unbiased way. When we arrived she was on hand for lots of queries we had. Vicki has been a pleasure to deal with and we would highly recommend her to anybody hoping to move across the waters to Perth."
    Caroline and Stephen